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2017 Lincolnshire County Council election. If you have a concern about the way a council service is being provided or the behaviour of one or more of our employees you can report your concern to us. If your concern relates to potential criminal behaviour by an employee (such as fraud, theft, corruption) visit our Fraud and corruption page. - Start date, duration of contract and current end date. If you need to put hoardings on the highway around where you are working or on scaffolding, you must get permission from the council by completing the relevant forms. Licences/permits do not apply to anyone acting under a statutory right. Advertisement The town lies in the far north-east of Cambridgeshire, bordering Norfolk and only 5 miles (8 km) south of Lincolnshire.The tidal River Nene running through the town is spanned by two road bridges. Roadworks and street works Details of all the current and planned. - Lincolnshire County Council New online payments page We have updated the way you pay online for invoices and the landing page where you pay will. For the safety of staff and contractors we kindly ask that motorists avoid this area. Slow down before you get to a muddy area; If you are already in a muddy area try not to brake take your foot off the accelerator and slow down naturally; walls supporting the structure of the highway these are called highway retaining walls; walls retaining land that has been excavated to form a highway parapet wall on bridges; walls providing a safety barrier, for example, walls next to a steep drop. Guildhall However there is a limited budget and demand for lighting improvements substantially outweighs the available funding. If a person deliberately obstructs the highway without lawful authority or excuse they are guilty of an offence. Because of appeals and movement on the reserve list, it is likely that further children will be offered a place at their first-choice school by the time they start in September. All Rights Reserved. You can report highways faults, such as pot holes, using Lincolnshire County Council's faults and maintenance webpages. Byelaws for Good rule and Government[PDF, 2Mb] details the byelaws that came into effect in North Lincolnshire in June 2000, in relation to highways, carriageways and footways. Get 5 free searches. Residents in Lincolnshire qualifying for a bus pass under the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme should go to Lincolnshire County Council's apply for a free bus pass web. Anglian Water was fined 168,850 for 571 days of breaches, for rogue signage and overrunning highways works in 2021-22, which LCC said made up nearly a third of all fines issued. If applicants do not comply with their statutory duties or conditions of work, they may receive a fine. 2013 Lincolnshire County Council election. At least one accredited operative must be on site at all times when works are in progress. The dots on the map below indicate where an issue has been reported and is awaiting repair. The English National Concessionary Travel Scheme allows all eligible older and disabled people to travel free on off-peak (between 9.30am-11pm Monday to Friday and all day on weekends and bank holidays) scheduled bus services anywhere in England. We will notify the applicant of the timescale to complete these. We are committed to achieve for our local residents and communities working with public and private organisations to bring greater and lasting benefits to our county. Outside office hours contact the, Lincolnshire County Council Emergency Duty Team (LCC EDT). The concerns were raised at a meeting of the Flooding and Water Management Scrutiny Board. Some have junction or road plans, double lines mean no waiting at any time but there are exceptions to this. Report now. The council also has aconstitution explaining how the council operates and makes decisions, ensuring that the council is efficient, transparent and accountable. If the problem is dangerous (such as a missing gully lid) then the council will arrange to make it safe. Essential clearance and maintenance works are due to take place on Wednesday 14 September with full road closures on the A15 M180 to the country boundary at Kirton between the hours of 7.30am and 3.30pm. Horncastle Town Council has reaffirmed its support to plans to lower a number of the town roads' speed limits. Contact us - Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Request enquiries, Standards, complaints, appeals and objections page, Keeping children safe in North Lincolnshire page, Make a Freedom of Information Request (FOI) or Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) Request, standards, complaints, appeals and objections page. The responsibility for private streets lies with the street owners. For more details. If you wish to report a problem please use our online form: Generally, land owners erect and maintain walls and fences that surround property and fields. North Lincolnshire Council 2023. If you live in a housing association property you will need to get permission from your landlord. More. This is to make sure the work is done properly and to the right standard. Lines that go across the road give instructions such as where tostop or give Way. They must respond within 10 working days. If a referral is made to the EDT service which indicates an immediate or urgent risk, the officer receiving the referral will take any steps necessary to protect the adult at risk, including arranging emergency medical treatment, contacting the police and taking any other appropriate action to ensure that the adult at risk is safe. Local Transport and Timetabling Information. The details we require are: -Service specification for this contract. The police are the only people who can move vehicles on if they are causing an obstruction on the highway or are parked across an entrance to a property. Whether or not any immediate action is necessary, the receiving officer will record the facts concerning the alleged abuse or neglect and pass all relevant information to the appropriate team on the next working day. Essential repairs and improvements have to take place to maintain the highway network. Where the landowner has not cleared mud from the road the council can clean it up and charge the person responsible forthe full cost. Breaking news, sport, travel and weather updates from across Lincolnshire. They must perform all duties imposed by the Act. Sign plates fixed to posts or street lights will tell you what the actual restrictions are, single lines usually show a shorter period of restriction, such as 8am to 6pm. The council has legal powers to move the obstruction. Services available to you. People who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired can contact the polices typetalk service. Telephone number: 01472 313131. Lincolnshire County Council is committed to facilitating the right growth in the right area. LN1 1YL or Orchard Street, Lincoln, The Old Farmhouse Money Bridge Lane, PE11 3SB, England, United Kingdom, 20 Elizabeth Court Church Street, LN11 9BP, England, United Kingdom, 103 Harrowby Road, NG31 9ED, England, United Kingdom, 98 Harrowby Lane, NG31 9LW, England, United Kingdom, Frognall Livery Frognall, PE6 8RP, England, United Kingdom, Enter a Lincolnshire postcode, street name and area, or check an existing report number, Confirm the report and Lincolnshire County Council will investigate. You can do this on the Standards, complaints, appeals and objections page. Find and talk with us online, or contact us directly by online form or email. Email: Mud, particularly if it is wet, can be very slippery and cause vehicles to lose their grip on the road. To report a problem with a street light (lamppost), an illuminated traffic sign or a bollard please use our Highway problem reporting form. Lincolnshire police firearms department contact number patriots pledge com nail salons open on sunday in my area. InterConnect/CallConnect is a quality network of connecting local bus services designed to improve public transport links to destinations throughout Lincolnshire, making travel by bus easier, quicker and more efficient. Microsoft Office; If your concern relates to the safety or wellbeing of a child, further information on how to report you concern can be found on our Keeping children safe in North Lincolnshire page. Non Emergency Patient Transport is operated by TASL for patients registered to a Lincolnshire GP. temporary works including traffic lights; To manage traffic flows from new developments and other places such as schools or leisure centres. Reviewing planning applications, approving technical designs, advising on improvements that could be made and making sure flood risk is considered properly, are all key to influencing how developments, including housing, go forward. These are often the people who live in properties on the street. Mr Glerum said: "We take our responsibility for looking after the environment extremely seriously and it's disappointing whenever we have to discharge. The framework is divided into three lots. Gainsborough You may just be worried, or feel that something is not right. Option 6 - to report problems about streets, street lighting, parks or open . They acknowledge that they will conduct the works referred to above in accordance with the requirements of the: New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership's statistics show 439 KSI incidents in 2022, down from 453 in 2021 and a 566 high in 2017. The 2011 census gave the urban area of Lincoln, including North Hykeham and Waddington, a population of 115,000.. Roman Lindum Colonia developed from an Iron Age settlement on the River Witham. A person or organisation must apply for a road opening permit at least 10 working days before the proposed works start. 2001 Lincolnshire County Council election (boundary changes increased the number of seats by 1) [7] 2005 Lincolnshire County Council election. Our terms and conditions relating to street works licences and road opening permits: All content 2023 Lincolnshire County Council. These may be under, over, across, along or on the street or connecting to an existing sewer. Please be assured they are known to us and it will be on our schedule for inspection and repair so you do not need to report them. Potholes can also be on footpaths, pavements, and cycle paths. Please include the number of the column if you can. Outside office hours contact the Emergency Duty Team on 01522 782333 You do not need to know everything about the situation or what is happening. Report a road, pavement or footpath problem, guidelines for placing a builders skip on the highway, Traffic signs, road marking and road studs policy, Department for Transport road sign images, Department for Transport road sign manuals, Road alignment and visibility of the pothole. NORTH Buildbose Lincolnshire COUNTY COUNCIL . We may already be aware of an issue that you have noticed. In some cases, the proposed works may need a, to minimise disruption to users of the street, particularly for people with a disability, to protect the structure of the street and the integrity of the apparatus in it. A person or organisation with no statutory right may apply for a licence/permit. The councils office is based in Gainsborough. 133 - 2022/23 COUNTY COUNCILLOR REPORT . Read about our approach to external linking. constitution explaining how the council operates and makes decisions,,, Look after our places in a sustainable way, Develop our county for a prosperous future, Encourage innovation and are innovative ourselves, To work proactively with you to ensure the right developments are in the right places, To provide clear guidance in line with local and national policy, To be accessible in offering key advice and support. In an emergency outside normal office hours contact01724 276444. We are a large diverse employer which recognises and values the contribution of our workforce. The council are also a prescribed body in relation to the reporting of concerns about compliance with consumer protection legislation. To report an obstruction to the highway please use our online form. This is usually the responsibility of the owners. We willcheck the proposals and availability of space to allow works to take place. Utility companies fined 500,000 for delays. Download theTourism Signs Application Pack[PDF, 342Kb]. Please do not try to contact us on this number. Highways planning - Lincolnshire County Council My Account Menu New online payments page We have updated the way you pay online for invoices and the landing page where you pay will look. You do not need to know everything about the situation or what is happening.

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