I have founded, built and exited a number of different companies over the last 20 years. Some have worked brilliantly and some less well. You learn through all of them.

I list a few below that are either still works in progress and where I am actively involved or just where although no longer involved I remain a passionate supporter.


Living With logo

Living With is a digital health company with a condition management platform, which makes it easy and cost effective for healthcare providers to connect to and monitor their patients remotely, saving costs and improving patient outcomes. It has 4 live products including Living With Pelvic Health, Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis and the UK’s top paid medical app, Squeezy and 5 in development.



Propagator is an educational technology company.

Propagator builds digital products that improve people’s lives, driving cost savings and new revenues for our customers

Propagator has a Content commercialisation platform for publishers, content owners, media, education and archives

Propagator works with companies including Informa, Bloomsbury Publishing, CAF, ResMed,  Harper Collins, Penguin Random House and The Third Space



The Distilleries is a research technology company.

It has a self-service product, Whycatcher. Whycatcher is a One stop shop for market research. It enables any organisation, quickly and cost effectively, to get all the answers to all their business questions through a complete range of research tools, whether 1:1 interviews, surveys, group discussions or ongoing feedback, combined with an easy to use all in one analysis and a Research Academy providing guidance, best practice templates and “how to’s”

Whycatcher was set up to democratise the best market research techniques that Corporates use, making everyone a research expert.

Our mission is to give every business the tools to know as much about their customers as Unilever or Google do

The Distilleries also acts as a research agency working with clients in the media (Sky, News International), online (Netflix), healthcare (ResMed) and gambling industries.


Law in Order

Law in Order provided a white label “one stop shop for legal services” to large organisations looking to sell this to their customers




Ink is the world’s largest provider of inflight media. Ink produces more inflight magazines for more airlines than any other company in the world. It also produce targeted advertising (TAD) on confirmation emails, check-in emails, print-at-home and mobile boarding passes. Our portfolio of B2B and B2C products and solutions reaches a captive audience of hundreds of millions of travellers each year.




Syzygy is an international interactive marketing company, which trades publicly on the German Stock Exchange